Hijup tops list of most-followed e-commerce businesses on Instagram: Report

According to a recent report by e-commerce aggregator website iPrice Indonesia, fashion businesses are dominating the list of e-commerce businesses with the most Instagram followers in Indonesia.

Muslim fashion e-commerce business Hijup tops the list with 556,600 Instagram followers, 8wood (265,400 followers), Bandung-based men's shoes e-commerce business Brodo (217,400 followers), online fashion retailer Zalora (204,800 followers) and Muslim wear e-commerce business Hijabenka (160,100 followers) land at third, seventh, eighth and tenth place in the top 10 e-commerce businesses with the most Instagram followers, respectively.

“[They have huge Instagram following] because fashion e-commerce businesses usually invest their time to produce amazing visual content,” said Andrew Prasatya, senior content marketer in iPrice Indonesia. He also stated, “They did this because they want to showcase the products they sell in an aesthetically pleasing way.”

Other businesses listed in the top 10 e-commerce businesses with most Instagram followers are Lazada, Mothercare, Mataharimall, Tokopedia and Bukalapak.

iPrice also revealed that Zalora was the fashion e-commerce business with the most monthly visits, app installs, Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

The list is a part of iPrice’s new map of e-commerce businesses for Indonesia, an insight that was created to compare the size of e-commerce businesses in the country, featuring 50 e-commerce businesses. Aside from the number of Instagram followers, the insight also provides data on monthly visits, application installs, Twitter followers, Facebook fans, as well as the number of employees of the e-commerce businesses. (asw)


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